• B.S. in Computer Science.
  • Currently working toward my M.Sc. Computer Science degree.
  • I'm interested in Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Optimization.
  • I am also a TA at my school, I helped the students with basic 3D programming using OpenGL last semester.
  • Currently working on a traffic surveillance project involving estimating vehicle density and finding alternative routes.


I have been part of a few projects involving Computer Vision and Image Processing. The one I'm currently working on is a traffic surveillance project in my country. A few other projects are license plate recognition, car detection from the rear, food package code detection, etc.

Although I put Optimization as one of my interests, I would say that most of my personal experiences came from assignments. I also tried optimizing my own Support Vector Machine problem and it turned out alright. (For those who don't know, SVM is a old but strong method for classification and regression).

I have coded a GPS app on Windows phone that takes traffic information from a server and then provides alternative routes for users. It never got on the App Store anyway, but since I have a WinPhone, it would be a sin if I don't practice coding on it.

I can program in C/C++, Java, C#, LUA, MATLAB and Octave (obviously). Although I know many, I think I can do best when I use MATLAB or C++. The reason is that MATLAB is a must if you research anything related to computer vision and C++ is the best for writing a CV application because of OpenCV (not so much now since it has wrappers for Java, C# and Python).

Like most grad student, I can write papers ine LaTex.

I can code a simple website.

Trivia: I was also grinding drawing because I wanted to get in an architect school. Because of this, I know how to use Photoshop as a painting tool.

Affiliations / Responsibilities

Currently, I'm a member of the Software workgroup.

Contact and aliases

I go by ThirdWorldStudent (TWS for short). My email address is

Other information

Timezone is UTC+7