The responsibilitis of the Systems Management workgroup lies schiefly in safety and ensuring that the pod passengers have a comfortable ride. This includes safety mechanisms, emergency systems, interior design, deciding broad limiting factors of the pod design, etc. Sysman also does odd jobs that does not necessarily fit into neither the Hardware or Software workgroups. Motto: "Living passengers are happy passengers"

Workgroup structure


Passenger Comfort

The passenger comfort subgroup has the responsibility of considering the comfort of the pod passengers. Since this has a high priority, many aspects of the pod must be designed with this in mind. As such, the Passenger Comfort subgroup will be setting limiting factors on many other parts of the pod. Inside the passenger area, maximum sound, vibration, and temperature levels must be respected by other subgroups.

Interior Design

The interior design subgroup has the responsibility of designing the passenger capsule, i.e. the pressurized vessel in which the passengers themselves are located. Examples of responsibilities are seat design, capsule atmosphere, seat belt design, positioning of emergency utilities, and everything else that will be physically located in or related to the passenger capsule.


The safety subgroup has the responsibility of ensuring that the pod will be safe for passengers to use. Whereas the Passenger Comfort subgroup deals with making the ride comfortable, the Safety subgroup tries to make sure the passengers will not die in the event of an accident or emergency situation, and how to minimize the likelihood of such a situation to occur. Aspects such as the emergency braking system, emergency communication system, and emergency power system will mainly be designed by the Safety subgroup, in close cooperation with the HW and SW workgroups. All aspects of the pod design from hardware to software will have to take safety into account, and as such, design proposals must all follow guidelines and safety goals set by the Safety subgroup. The subgroup must also do analysis on ways the pod could come in an emergency situation, how the situation can be avoided, and mitigated. Examples include rapid depressurization of passenger capsule, rapid pressurization of hyperloop tube, loss of wall contact ("airborne"), loss of power, loss of float pads, etc.