Background Edit

Academic: Edit

  • [In progress] MEng Chemical Engineering in Material Science working in various projects mainly in chemical solutions thermodynamics and pyrotechnics.
  • BEng Chemical Engineering
  • Undergrad thesis on [confidential] reactor model development and control analysis.
  • Design project was some other bullshit, relevant experience to hyperloop is some work on UV/vis scattering in plastic tubing (which affects the solar power draw from incident radiation if we use it).

Private industry experience: Edit

  • [Confidential] work at an [confidential] R&D lab developing and simulating non-linear PDE reaction-diffusion models and parameter optimizations.
  • Interned at a chemical manufacturing plant mostly working on solar powered heat exchangers and pneumatic circuitry.

Other: Edit

Also work a lot on private hobby research in ab initio molecular dynamics simulations.

Skills Edit

Hard skills: Edit

  • Engineering
  • Polymer material science
  • Chemical solutions thermodynamics and statistical physics
  • Modelling and optimization (also some experience writing FEM/FDM solvers in Python)

Soft skills: Edit

  • Python, Sage, Matlab/Octave
  • AspenONE
  • SolidWorks
  • \LaTeX
  • MS Office

Contact info Edit


Skype: anon12412

Time zone Edit

UTC + 2, I try to have the slack chat open on both my office and home browsers, try emailing me if I'm not responding, though I don't always have internet in the lab.