Here follows the formalities that new members must perform when they have joined the sci-x team.


Our main form of communication happens on Slack. If you are reading this, you are probably already a member and have access to our slack chatroom. If you for some reason do not, send an email to our Slack admin Ne9xt and he will add you. The next order of business is creating a Wikia user. When you have done this, tell our Wiki admin TehAbsMan to give you editing rights.

We use Google Drive as our documents file server. To gain access to our Project Folder, someone must send you an invite. Pinks is the owner, and will normally send you an invitation within one day.

Fill in your information

For the team to better know who you are and what you can contribute with, and to keep all information about our members in one place, you must create a page about yourself on this wiki. You must of course wait until you have editing rights before you can do this. For inspiration, look at some member pages from the Member List. Your page should have the following sections: Background, Skills, Affiliations and responsibilities, Contact and aliases, and Other information. When you have created your page, add a link to it on the Member List.

You will also have to fill in your information in the Contact Document. Note that we must be able to reach you on the email you supply. This means you either write your "real" email, or a throwaway which is set to forward its mails to you.

Read up

To get up to speed on the project, new members must read up on some documents. Of most importance is getting to know the Hyperloop White Paper. This covers everything regarding the Hyperloop project, and is what we are using as a starting point. Next is the Competition Details. This explains how the competition will be held, and lists a few important dates. These documents can also be found at the Official Hyperloop Info wiki page. Then familiarize yourself with the Project Programme to get an idea of what we are currently working on and which deadlines are coming up.

You must then read the last few meeting reports to get a feeling of how we are doing and what's being discussed, and when the next meeting will be held. They can be found at the Meeting reports page.


Now that we have an idea of who you are, and you have an idea of what the project is about, it's time to figure out where you could best put your skills to use. Have a look at the Team Structure wiki page, and ask on Slack if you have questions. Welcome to the team!