• Senior Undergrad Student in Civil Engineering, thesis on Buckling
  • Good knowledge of transportation systems, traffic congestion, public transport, railways
  • Entrepreneur, have worked on multiple projects on transport and automotive technology
  • Currently working on plug-and-play eye tracking device for drivers in an incubator
  • Solid Business, Marketing, Management Skills, improving on tech and finance sides
  • Willing to expand technical knowledge in the project


I'm an entrepreneur, this is the simplest way to describe me. I have a great variety of interests and I love the challenge that a new field brings. For the past two years my emphasis has been on transport, hence I brought up the Hyperloop as a possible project. One of the reasons I'm interested in Hyperloop is a thought I had as a new mode of transportation: a public transport of vehicles, or a ferry on land. I have a great deal of transport operational knowledge and contacts in the Istanbul Transport Authority and Turkish Automotive Industry due to consistent networking.  

This year, I've been developing an eye tracking software by using OpenCV libraries with my team and we've got accepted to a prestigious incubator in Istanbul, currently working towards the competition finals. I'm developing the software on Java while setting up the hardware as well, let alone the business plan that comes with it. I can lead a small team with ease.

Knowledge-wise I'm your average engineer - no foreigner to mathematical consepts as well as engineering challenges, and I can willing read up on materials to learn new subjects. For example, instead of running the simple approach of slotting data into a software, I've built my own mathematical model to optimize the Bus-Rapid Transit (BRT) system of Istanbul, which brought me an award and a finalist spot in the Apps for Europe 2015 event. I'm familiar with CAD, (specifically AutoCAD), Mathematica, done cover designs in Photoshop and video editing software. Also improving my coding skills on Java, Python, C and SQL languages and HTML, CSS web development.

Affiliations and responsibilities

Involved in organization for the time being, if we can get the wheels working, will move onto Interior.  

Contact and aliases, on skype (although i'm not there often), go by the name Possessed

Other information

Time Zone: UTC+3