• Bachelor in physics
  • Worked for 14 months at Cern
  • Currently doing Master thesis in particle physics
  • Been member of several online project groups
  • Was private teacher in mathematics and natural sciences
  • Organization experience: 3 years member in IAESTE, where I was deputy leader
  • Experience with 3D graphics. Worked on commercials and advertising material.


I have a general knowledge of physics, covering anything from 101-level mechanics to quantum mechanics. I also know some electronics. I've had a few projects where this was required, such as building a coilgun, an LED cube, and my Bachelor project, which entailed designing and building a geothermal borehole temperature and radiation probe.

During my time at CERN, I worked on the protection scheme for the superconducting magnets. This mainly meant creating data acquisition, analysis, and display programs in Labview, which I became particularly proficient in. I also debugged firmware, did research on current sensors, and drank a lot of coffee. But most important for this project, I got into the mindset of safety and redundancy.

I have experience in arranging and holding meetings, from being a long-time member of IAESTE. I've written more reports and meeting agendas than I can count. In addition, I have been in a few strictly-online project groups, and seen how it should not be done.

Affiliations and responsibilities

Systems Management Lead. Heavily involved in the organization of the team as a whole. Member of the following subgroups: Propulsion, Safety, Passenger Comfort.

Contact and aliases

I may be reached on I go by Pinks on Slack, and Pinks1 on Wikia.

Other information

Time Zone: UTC+2. Available on Slack at all hours I'm awake.