BS Mechatronics Engineering

Minor: Mathematics - Concentration in Statistics

In my degree program, we learn the best and most important parts of mechanical and electrical engineering. I really enjoy working with a team of people who are smarter than me, and accomplishing goals together. Most of my experience is from academia, and a couple of internships. For reference, I have taken the following courses:

  • Intro to Mechatronics Lab (EGM 180)
  • Advanced Mechatronics Design Lab (EGM 360)
  • Probability Theory & Calc Based Statistics (STAT 225)
  • Java Programming for Numeric Applications (CSCI 181)
  • Foundations of Management (MGMT 220)
  • Differential Equations (MATH 394)
  • Linear Algebra (MATH 365)
  • Applied Multivariate Analysis (STAT 327)
  • Intro to Computer Systems (ECE 109)
  • Intro to Signals, Circuits & Systems (ECE 200)
  • Computer Systems Programming (C) (ECE 209)
  • Electric Circuits (ECE 211)
  • Fundamentals of Logic Design (ECE 212)
  • Analytic Foundations of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE 220)
  • Linear Systems (ECE 301)
  • Design of Complex Digital Systems (VHDL) (ECE 310)
  • Computer Control of Robots (ECE 455)
  • Structure & Properties of Engineering Materials (MSE 201)
  • Engineering Statics (MAE 206)
  • Engineering Dynamics (MAE 208)
  • Engineering Thermodynamics (MAE 301)
  • Mechanics of Materials (MAE 314)
  • Strength of Mechanical Components (MAE 316)
  • Dynamics of Machines (MAE 315)
  • Fluid Mechanics (MAE 308)
  • Heat Transfer Fundementals (MAE 310)
  • Principals of Automatic Control (MAE 345)


Catia V5 R19 / SolidWorks

MATLAB / Simulink / some LabVIEW

5+ years mechanical (auto) experience

SAS, Minitab

C/C++, some Java, VHDL Programming


AC to DC Power Converter (ECE200)

Half-car suspension model (MAE315)

Cellular network simulation (C application)

EigenCalc (iOS app)

Inverted Pendulum Control System (MAE 435) 

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Current slack admin.

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Here i go by ne9xt, or Daniel. email is

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Time Zone: GMT -5 (Eastern US)