Background Edit

  • Bachelor of engineering, graduate this summer
  • Following by an MBA in product management
  • 4 years work experience as mechanical draftsperson
  • 2 years in an development position in the field of railway maintenance machines,especially wheel set diagnosis
  • Some side experience (<1year) in marketing and sales in the IT security field

Skills Edit

People who know me would describe me as a pragmatist. I am the one to call if you have to get shit done. I am highly optimistic that i am able to handle mostly every problem that crosses my way. Sometimes the methodes to solve these problems may not be the one that are expected, but as long as the result is what we've been looking for everything is alright, isnt it?

In the last few years i've developed a lot of practical engineering skills. When i've worked as draftsperson i became really good at 2D drawing (AutoCAD) including complex geometrical analysis. I am also quite good with 3D CAD software like SolidWorks or AutoDesk Inventor. Currently i am working on developing wheel set identification systems for the railway industry, which got me into the RFID technology.

I am quite good at talking with people. While my career path is more in the field of science i am really interested in psychology and rhetoric. As a german this may not be the case in the english language.

This isn't my first full online project. I've made good and bad experience, lets make it a good one.

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Just call me by my real name Marcel. I am not wrapped in tin foil. If you want an alias i also go by DrinbevorBernd, the name i usually use for imageboard related stuff.


Skype: lanundsoweilmanja6zeichenbraucht

Other information Edit

Living in germany so, UTC +2