• B.S. in Computer Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago, 4.0/4.0
  • 1.5 Years experience as a Math/ Physics tutor.
  • Currently doing an Electronics Software Engineering internship with Woodward Aerospace.
  • Built the control board for a Medical Vacuum treatment device that is currently used in Uganda.


Most of my hands-on experience is in electronics hardware development. I designed, prototyped, tested, and built a control circuit consisting of linear regulators, comparators, solid state relays and pressure sensors. This circuit was used to power an electric pump to get a chamber to a specific pressure and then use feedback from the sensor to turn the pump back on whenever the pressure in the chamber dropped below a certain threshold.

For my tutoring job I hold drop in tutoring sessions at a local community college where students can come in with any questions pertaining to the first four semesters of calc-based physics (Mechanics, E&M, Quantum and Thermal). I also do one on one sessions for other courses such as Diffy Q, Digital Logic, C++, Dynamics, Strength of Materials, etc.

At my internship I develop and run Python scripts to test control boards for Airplanes. This is to ensure that the microprocessors cannot possibly get into a defective state as safety is the number 1 priority in the Aerospace industry.

Affiliations / Responsibilities

I am currently the Hardware Group Lead


CST (UTC -6:00) (Im in Chiraq)

Contact Details

You can reach me at