Here you will find high-level documents that regard themselves with the structure of the team and the pod design itself.

Team Edit

The Teams Agreement document sets in stone the structure of our team, what the responsibilities of the different roles are, and how disputes must be handled.

Design Edit

The Design Philosophy is a continuously changing document which defines, on a very high level, how the pod should be designed, and what safety precautions should be taken.

The Systems Relations file details how the various systems of the pod relates to one another.

The Design Guide explains how to write proper design reports. It's important for all design teams to follow this guide to ensure the final design reports are of a presentable quality.

Safety Edit

The Project-wide safety guidelines document must be followed by all design groups. It provide guidelines and requirements for how to ensure that passenger safety will be ensured. Please read this document carefully, and follow it during all parts of the design process.