Background Edit

  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (Cum Laude) - York College of PA Class of 2009
  • 15 years broad experience in the Nuclear power sector: includes operational, regulatory, and design environments.
    • Operational experience: 6 years Naval Nuclear Power Program - Mechanical Operator, Water Chemistry, and Radiological controls
    • Regulatory: 2.5 years total equivalent experience in license renewal for nuclear power plants. Review of high level analyses and disposition of aging issues. Coauthor to application submitted to US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
    • Design: 5 years experience in manufacture, design, qualification and testing of valves for nuclear power plants.
  • Interest and experience in Formula SAE and hill climb auto racing applications.

Skills Edit

My experience and training in an operating power plant has given me a strong knowledge of fundamental concepts in mechanical, electrical, chemical, and nuclear technologies.

Additionally, I've had the opportunity to review some of the highest level engineering calculations that govern the operational ability of nuclear power plants: includes effects of neutron radiation on the reactor vessel, containment building integrity, and piping design.

In my current role, I am in charge of the design and qualifications of nuclear grade valves. This requires a solid understanding of various manufacturing concepts, including casting, stamping, and machining.

About Me Edit

I'm best with conceptual, big picture thinking. I love to apply first principles thinking to open ended engineering problems, and will go deep when an issue requires it. I also enjoy seeing projects go from conception to implementation. My favorite experiences in engineering were FSAE, engineering design projects in college, helping a friend with his hill climb car, and home renovations (design/build of deck and kitchen remodel).

Responsibilities Edit

Hardware Group Lead

Time Zone Edit

UTC -4 hours

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